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Performance Days / Berlin und Istanbul Tell Me

“Performance Days / Berlin und Istanbul Tell Me”

Mica Moca Project Berlin hosts performance days curated by Firat
Arapoğlu “Performance Days / Berlin und İstanbul Tell Me” between September 23rd –
September 24th, 2011

Fırat Arapoğlu
Insel Inal

The “Berlin und İstanbul: Tell Me” event which follows suit same points between the theory
of prosthetic memory and random access memory (RAM) is aimed to construct a platform in
which the communications will be questioned in the model of powers, capitalist production
and consumption were builded. The event incarnated in the bodies – and with “bodies” -
through the performance days is aimed also to create an experience will be composed Fırat
Arapoğlu and İnsel İnal from İstanbul and 3 performance artists from
Berlin in the shape of defining the lack of dialog pointing out a prosthetic memory.

The basic motto of event can also be shown as “Not What You See”. The prejudices have
been constructed and embedded in RAM to date may be turned out. Therefore all the
performances will be edited in an interactive way with audiences – participants – and so it
will be aimed a total participation.

RAM, Prosthetic Memory and to turn out the perception constructed in the society and its
using. The inquiries like this will betray the “realities” that manipulated in culture, art and
politics at the same time. Therefore many conceptions desired to throw away in the depth of
history and to be forgotten may be discovered with one-to-one interaction. This is an effort to
ask “new” questions instead of finding answers. Then İstanbul und Berlin can tell each other
this through this event: Tell Me!

Curator: Firat Arapoglu


Fırat Arapoğlu

İnsel İnal

Performances will be participatory or interactive projects:

İnsel İnal

Tell me a Message

30 Minutes

The performance to be realized by İnsel İnal together with the audience in an interactive way
investigates the feeling of the one outside itself, i.e. “the other” by touching upon the body
and the issue of exchanging of the power in art. The power in art is being re-fictionalized by
means of dichotomies of active and passive.

In artistic presentations the artist provides services. But this performance will invert this case
of providing services itself. The audience will be paid in an interactive manner due to making
massage to the artist and the artist will relax. Maybe the art will be useful in this way.


The Judgment of Paris Performance 1964 (by permission of Ken Friedman)

60 minutes

The performer will present three images as an installation. Beneath each image is a shelf or
platform. Each viewer may choose the image he judges most beautiful. A golden apple is
placed beneath the chosen image. The total selections will be recorded at the end and thw
winner will be announced.


Performace Orders:

1) September 23rd, at 21:00 – 22:30
İnsel İnal, “Tell me a Message”
2) September 24th, at 21:00 – 22:30
Fırat Arapoğlu, “The Judgement of Paris”


Mica Moca project berlin e.V.
Lindower Strasse 22
13347 Berlin


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